Now Jayaprada Praises Rahul Gandhi; Wants Him to Be PM

Impressed with him, actress-turned-Samajwadi Party MP Jaya Prada has said that she wants to see Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi as the country’s prime minister.

“It is good to see Rahul Gandhi active in politics; he is working hard to understand the ground realities and problems of people; and we (the people of India) would like to see him as the country’s prime minister,” Prada was quoted as saying by IANS.

In response to a query if her party subscribes to the opinion, she said, “It is not about my view or the party view, good work has to be recognised and everyone is seeing his (Rahul Gandhi’s) efforts.”

Presently, she is electioneering for forthcoming assembly elections in Maharashtra.

However, she was not impressed with the performance of the Congress-led UPA government at the centre.

“The UPA Government talks more and works less. Most of its schemes look impressive on paper while they are not implemented properly at the grassroots level even in Congress-ruled states,” she said.

A second time MP from Rampur constituency, Prada also spoke about Samajwadi Party’s dismal performance in the April-May General elections.

“We have not fared badly, we have an impressive number of MPs in the state and in future we will work hard and bounce back with a majority in the 2012 assembly elections,” she said.

When asked about the Congress tally surprisingly going up to 21 in UP in general elections as compared to nine last time, Prada said that people were unhappy with the performance of the Mayawati government and also disgusted with the sectarian agenda of the BJP and so they voted for the Congress.

However, she added saying, “Now, people are realising that the Congress is not in a condition to form a government in the state and they will vote for Samajwadi Party in future.”

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