No Dialogue Until Pak Acts on 26/11: Tharoor

Despite Pakistan’s repeated insistence on resumption of dialogue, India has once again made it clear that talks are not possible unless Islamabad shows seriousness about acting against perpetrators of 26/11 attacks and dismantles terror infrastructure.

“Our position has been very clear and consistent. We have asked Pakistan to take two steps – one, to bring perpetrators of Mumbai attacks to justice and to ensure that terror structures in Pakistan used against our country should be dismantled,” Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor told reporters.

“But we have not seen progress in either of these two steps. We would like them to take steps on these two fronts. Until that action takes place we are not in a position to resume composite dialogue,” he said.

“We can certainly talk to Pakistan but then they should show us they are serious,” the minister said.

The minister’s statement came in the backdrop of remarks made by Pakistani High Commisioner Shahid Malik that India was not implementing the ‘agreement’ reached at Sharm-el-Sheikh about delinking dialogue from action against terrorism.

Tharoor stressed that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said that if Pakistan took first step, India would meet it ‘more than the half way’.

“That first step has not been taken yet,” Tharoor said.

“We want them to take action. We believe there is a great deal to be done. So far, Pakistan has not done it.”

Malik had argued that there existed a ‘dimplomatic vacuum’ which would strengthen the extremist forces who are opposed to good relations between the two countries.

In response to a query if Pakistan’s insistence on resumption of dialogue was an attempt to divert attention from its internal problems, Tharoor said, “We will not comment on Pakistan’s internal problems. We wish them well, but no comments on its internal matters.”

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