Nikam Says Kasab’s ‘Fidayeen’ with Trainig to Misguide

The public prosecutor in Mumbai terror attack case Ujwal Nikam has said that judging by the behaviour of the 26/11 suspect Amir Ajmal Kasab, he is a ‘fidayeen’ trained physically as well as psychologically to even escape the clutch of law. 

In an interview, Nikam said that Kasab has training not only in terror warfare but also in intelligence to get away from the clutches of law by “dishonest” means.      

Nikam said that his statements is court suggest that he is “misguiding” from time to time, as he did in case of his age so that he can go in for trial under Juvenile Justice Act, which does not attract rigorous punishment like the one prescribed under IPC.

Stressing state that Kasab is unpredictable, Nikam said that he says one thing at one moment and totally opposite at some other time, as he gave his age as 21 years to the jailor and the doctor who examined him after his arrest but in the court he pleaded he was 17.  After the court inquiry found he was not a minor, he blurted out that he was 21 when charges were being framed against him in the court.       

“This shows the pattern how well he has been trained to mislead. He is definitely a ‘Fidayeen’ and knows how to influence people by harping on their psychology. Even his mood patterns indicate this trend, Nikam added.

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