NIA reports named three congress leader in connection of Sukma Naxal attack

New Delhi: According to the preliminary report by the National Investigating Agency (NIA) four Congress leaders were in constant touch with Naxals on with regard to the Naxal attack on Congress convoy in Darbha valley of Sukma in Chhattisgarh last month,.

In its 14 page initial report, the NIA has mentioned that four Congress leaders were in touch with Naxals and even passed information about the change of route. According to NIA, they reached to the conclusion after analyzing several call details of Jagdalpur tower. The report is likely to be submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday.

Four Congress leaders, including Congress MLA Kawasi Lakhma, are under suspicion. NIA may interrogate Lakhma who was also a part of the convoy but survived the attack. Lakhma was seriously injured and is undergoing treatment at a Raipur hospital. The NIA is of the view that security of Lakhma should be tightened as he may be killed by Naxals to create hurdles into the investigation.

One of the Congress leaders had suspiciously left the convoy in the midway while another survived the attack with just a bullet wound in his leg. The fourth Congress leader saved his life by hiding himself and came unhurt.

The convoy of Congress leaders was attacked at Jiram Valley in Darbha region when it was returning from Sukma to Jagdalpur. Twenty-eight people including Chhattisgarh Congress chief Nand Kumar Patel and veteran leader Mahendra Karma were killed and 37 others including former union minister VC Shukla were injured.

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