New Lapse Found in Aarushi Murder Probe

A year after Arushi Talwar’s mysterious murder, one of a series of lapses in the probe of 13-year-old’s killing have come to light, a reported a leading TV channel.

According to the report, during the investigation, Aarushi’s vaginal samples were replaced with those of an unknown woman, said the Central Forensic Laboratory in Hyderabad.

The correct samples could have helped to establish who killed the teenager, and whether she was sexually assaulted before being stabbed.

Acting on the matter, the CBI has constituted an internal committee to find out who is responsible for substitution of samples. The exchange occurred during Arushi’s autopsy under the watch of the Noida police, said report.

On May, 2008, Hemraj, Aarushi and her family’s domestic help, was found killed at the Talwar residence in Noida. Following some bad decisions taken by the Noida police as arresting her father for the murder without any evidence, the case was transferred to the CBI.

But by then, critical evidence had already been destroyed. For example, Hemraj was cremated before DNA samples could be collected.  The clothes that Aarushi was found in were soaked in blood. But the forensic lab received clean clothes.

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