New Gujarat BJP Chief Weighed in Blood

In what could be termed as outrighlty ‘brazen’, new state BJP chief in Gujarat RC Faldu has been weighed in blood, said media reports.

Reports said that 75 litres of blood to counter-balance Faldu’s 75 kg body weight was kept in Vadodara for donation ‘to the needy’.

The leader, who was also weighed in coins, looked very happy while he sat on the giant weighing scale, reports said.

Last week, BSP supremo Mayawati was gifted a huge garland made of Rs 1000 currency notes. Then, BJP MP from Madhya Pradesh and now General Secretarly, was welcomed with followers firing gunshots in the air in Morena and a district-level office-bearer finished up being injured.

Recently, Chief Minister Hooda said no to the silver throne and, it is reported, a golden crown.

(Based on internet reports)

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