New Armed Wing of Tribal Agitators behind Rajdhani Hijack Drama

A newly-formed armed wing of tribal agitators, backed and aided by Maoists in West Midnapore district, carried out the dramatic seven-and-a-half hour hijack of the Delhi-bound Rajdhani Express in a forest area of West Midnapore district yesterday, said reports.

PTI quoted a source in forces deployed for anti-Maoist operations as saying that the way the incident took place yesterday doesn’t suggest that it was planned and executed entirely by Maoists and that they were definitely present during the incident, but they didn’t participate.

“The Maoists also provided covering fire when the joint forces were trying to go from Jhargram to the trouble spot, Banstala. Their intention was to resist us so that the tribal agitators could leave the spot safely,” the source was quoted as saying on condition of not being named.

The name of the PCPA’s armed wing, according to the district police, was ‘Sidhu-Kanu Gana Militia’.

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