Nepal’s Ex-Prince Denies Reports of Involvement in Fake Currency Racket

Terming it as ‘false and malicious’, Nepal’s former Crown Prince Paras Shah has dismissed all the media reports of his links in the recently busted fake currency racket in Bhopal which is operated by underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

Issuing a statement, the prince yesterday denied the reports which alleged him of involvement in fake Indian currency note racket and termed these reports as “deceptive and ill-intended”.

On Monday, media reports quoted two Nepalese nationals arrested in Bhopal with fake currency during an operation by ATS, as claiming that ex-prince Shah was involved in the fake currency racket run by Dawood Ibrahim from Pakistan.

Shah, in the statement, said that the Indian media has “once again” targeted him with “false and malicious” intention and the news against him are directed to spread “illusion in the minds of the Nepalese people”.

Showing his concern over “imaginary and fictitious” news, he said that it is just an instance of “well-orchestrated and condemnable propaganda directed against the sovereign people of Nepal from a foreign land,” he said.

He also said that despite leading a “responsible and dutiful” life as an ordinary Nepali citizen, he has been dragged into controversy taking mileage of the current political fluidity in the country.

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