Mutalik Blames Cong, News Channel for Attack on him

Following attack by a Youth Congress worker in Bangalore, Sri Ram Sena chief Pramod Mutalik has said that he got caught in a ‘gang war’ between TV channels, reported Express Buzz.

Express reported that Mutalik told it from Vijayawada that the Congress and the ‘media was involved’ in the incident.

Needless to add, Mutalik’s face was painted with ink when he was in a debate on Valentine’s Day in Bangalore organisd by Suvarna News channel. In connection with the case, a Youth Congress general secretary Srinivas was attacked for leading the attack.

“While I was sitting there, I was told that the crew of some other channel was going to create mischief,” Mutalik was quoted as saying though he declined to name the channel.

He further said that a case would be lodged against the channel by the Ram Sena, report said.

Accusing Congress of having a role in the incident, he was quoted as saying: “Janardhan Poojari, RV Deshpande and DK Shivkumar have publicly condemned the attack but their hands are not clean.”

According to report, Bangalore police commissioner Shankar Bidari also hinted at the possibility of a channel being involved in the attack when he said in Bangalore that the broadcast van of ‘another channel’ had been parked at the venue of the debate for a long time.

He said that the channel had information that an attack was going to take place but did not inform the police, said report.

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