Mulayam Demands Probe into Source of Mayawati Garlands

SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav has accused government of being ‘hand-in-glove’ with BSP and demanded an investigation into the currency garlands presented UP chief minister Mayawati, before Parliament meets again on April 12, reported PTI.

“Mayawati was presented with another garland made of currency notes and the Centre is not taking action to find the source of the money. This clearly shows that that UPA and the BSP are hand in glove,” Yadav was quoted as saying while talking to reporters.

He insisted that an investigation should be initiated into the source of the money and the amount which UP government splurged in the March 15 ‘maharally’ to celebrate 25th anniversary of BSP, said report.

“I will raise the issue in Lok Sabha again if a probe is not ordered by April 12 when both the House meet again (after recess),” he was quoted as saying.

Yadav said that his party raised the issue of ‘brazen display’ of wealth by the BSP chief in the parliament, report said.

“People expect a probe into the misuse of funds,” he was quoted as saying.

The SP chief also sought to prove wrong the claims made by the BSP that the currency notes were collected through donation, said report.

“How can you collect crisp Rs 1000 denomination notes only in donation”? he was quoted as saying. “The source of the currency needs to be traced.”

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