Mukherjee Rules out Rollback of Fuel Price Hike

With Opposition not relenting on its protest against rise in prices of petrol and diesel, finance minister Pranab Mukherjee has ruled out rollback of fuel price hike, reported NDTV.

Speaking to the news channel, Mukherjee said that there was no question of the rollback and that it had to happen.

“Where is the question of rollback? If it has to be rolled back, I would not have increased it. It’s not an off the cuff thing. It had to happen,” the Finance Minister said.

Minister’s oil decision has triggered what could expand into a political crisis.

In an unprecedented move on Friday, an entire Opposition and some UPA allies spontaneously got up and walked out of the Lok Sabha even as the Finance Minister read out his Budget speech.

Left and Right came together in protest against the controversial decision to raise duties on petrol products.

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