Mukherjee Lampoons Third Front as “Drama”

SPLIT? Less than 24 hours after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the Congress was still open to prospects of a post-poll alliance with Left parties, senior party leader and Minister for External Affairs Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday compared the Third Front led by Communist parties to a “drama.”

Targeting the newly formed amalgam Mukherjee termed it as “a conglomeration of some state parties in search of a Prime Minister.”

Lampooning the Front, Mukherjee drew parallels between the Left led alliance and Luigi Pirandello’s famous play ‘Six Characters in Search Of An Author’ and said the Third Front was looking for a Prime Minister.

Dismissing possibilities of the Front forming the government as a “dream,” Mukherjee addressing correspondents in Agartala said that no government at the Centre could be formed without help from either the Congress or the BJP.

Uncannily, NDA prime ministerial hopeful LK Advani has repeatedly used the argument to quash the possibility.

Mukherjee’s comments come less than a day after Prime Minister Singh said that his party was open to prospects of post-poll alliance with Left parties

“Circumstances will decide whether we go with Left. I regret the parting off ways with the Left,” Singh had said while addressing members of the editors guild in New Delhi on Wednesday.

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