Modi to Build Separate Prisons for Terrorists in Gujarat

Narendra Modi is going to build a new prison in Gujarat which will be exclusively for terrorists, said media reports.

The prison, to be constructed at the cost of Rs 20 crore near Gandhinagar will accommodate 600 prisoners, reports said.

With construction of this prison, load will be reduced on the overcrowded Sabarmati Jail.

According to reports, Modi believes that the real benefit of the jail will be that it won’t let terrorists to sway or recruit other convicts to help them out.

“’With both the terror convicts and those convicted under CrPc sharing the same prison, there is a chance that these convicts could become potential sleeper cells for terror groups,” Gujarat Home Minister Amit Shah was quoted as saying.

However, Opposition criticized the step, saying that the new jail proved the failures of the Modi government, reports said.

“On one hand, the Gujarat government claims it has curbed terrorism, that it has not seen much terror activities in eight years. On the other hand, it’s talking about jails for terrorist. It’s a contradiction. It’s Modi’s attempt to hype his anti-terror agenda,” the opposition said.

Three major terror strikes have taken place in Gujarat in one decade, Akshardham Temple attack in Gandhinagar in 2002 that killed nearly twenty people, Ahmedabad bomb explosions in 2008 in which 30 persons died, the bombs were strapped to cycles in crowded market, and then 18 bombs were found in and around Surat and were defused before they could cause any damage.

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