Modi Slams Manmohan over Pakistani Sikh Issue

Pushing forth with his campaign against Manmohan Singh, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday termed the Congress leader as a “total failure” as Prime Minister and stressed that he was not the top choice for the post for a number of UPA leaders.

Addressing an election rally in Ambala, Modi said several senior UPA leaders, including NCP supremo Sharad Pawar and Congress veteran Arjun Singh, were not in favour of Manmohan Singh being projected for the top post for a second term.

“Only the Gandhi family — Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka — has been describing Singh as a successful PM” charged Modi and iterated that Singh had failed to deliver as Prime Minister.

“He (Singh) is a failed Prime Minister,” he contended while addressing voters in support of BJP LS hopeful Rattan Lal Kataria.

He lamented that Singh was being projected as a hero by the Congress and claimed that the Manmohan Singh was country’s weakest-ever Prime Minister.

Modi alleged that Singh, despite being a Sikh had failed to protect the interest of the community in Pakistan where it was being subjected to torture and forced to pay taxes by the Taliban, he also criticized the handling of the 26/11 carnage by the Manmohan Singh government.

He lampooned the UPA for having in its midst some half-a-dozen prime ministerial aspirants.

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