Modi Denies Race for PM’ Rank

Refuting all speculations that he is in race for prime minister’s rank, Gujarat Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Narendra Modi has said that he has a mission but no ambition.

In a TV interview, while responding to a question as to whether he intends to seek an entry to national politics, Modi said that he was not in a race for the country’s top job.

“In my life, mission is everything, no ambition,” the Gujarat Chief Minister said, adding, “Work is my principle. Even if I was a municipal chairman, I would have worked as hard as I have as chief minister.”

Midway Lok Sabha elections, he has been projected as a future prime minister by several BJP leaders. However, rivals reacted to this sudden voicing in BJP as lack of confidence in the prime ministerial candidate LK Advani.

Expressing confidence that the BJP would achieve “full majority” in the Lok Sabha elections, he said that in the BJP, they believe that even a one-person party in parliament should be considered for support in the present political scenario and regional aspirants should be honoured.

“Not only in Gujarat, everywhere in India, are people fed up with vote bank politics. They want change. They want development. That is the only driving force to change this government this time,” he said.

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