MNS Demands Use of Marathi in ATMs, Bank Call Centres, Correspondence

After getting telecom service providers to use Marathi in their interactive voice response (IVR), MNS insists on the same in ATMs, bank call centres and their correspondence to customers, said media reports.

“We are not against any language, but Maharashtrians who don’t know English, cannot use their services, since banks send their letters only in English. We would like them to include Marathi as well. We want to ensure that banks employ Maharashtrians, to ensure that they get jobs,” Sandeep Deshpande, leader, Dadar-Mahim MNS unit, was quoted as saying in fluent English.

Reports said that Deshpande had lately had given a mock cheque at SBI’s Dadar branch with the amount section reading that all transactions, from now on, ought to be conducted in Marathi.

“SBI does its transactions in Hindi and English and we want them to include Marathi, since it’s the state language,” he was quoted as saying.

“Very soon MNS workers will visit every nationalised bank and hand over a memorandum urging priority for Marathi. We will extend it to foreign banks as well. There will be no exceptions,” Deshpande was quoted as saying.

(Based on internet reports)

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