MEA to Show Sharm-el-Sheikh Documents to RTI Applicant

The Ministry of External Affairs is going to make public documents relating to joint Indo-Pak statement signed at Sharm-el-Sheikh, reported NDTV.

The report said that the ministry asked SC Aggarwal, Right to Information (RTI) applicant, as to when he would like to see the files.

The ministry’s approach shows that it is not contesting the CIC order, said report.

The report said that Aggarwal had to see the files till January 25, for that’s when the order lapses.

He had sought the identity of the officials involved in the drafting of the document, said report.

The statement had kicked off a row as India allowed a reference on Balochistan to figure in the document. Incidentally, the Ministry of External Affairs does not keep record of people who draft documents.

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