MBA Graduate’s Killing: Initial Findings Hint at Fake Police Encounter

The CBI has claimed in its initial findings that the 24-year-old MBA graduate Ranbir Singh who came to Dehradun to join his fist job and was killed in a police encounter was actually killed in a fake police encounter.

According to reports, the CBI-SIT team visited the site and recovered over 10 cartridges lying underground, which suggests that bullets were fired from a close range with Ranbir lying on the ground.

The aforementioned visit took place on August 1 and the CBI-SIT team recorded the statements of 14 people related to the case.

The team said that the ground where Ranbir’s body lay was deeply penetrated by bullets of AK-47 riffles which indicated the body was riddled by bullets while lying on the ground.

In addition, it found that the pistol recovered from Ranbir’s possession was not fired.

It may be mentioned that the Ranbir’s body had 12 bullet marks and 27 other injuries pointing that he was most probably excruciated before he was killed.

According to a post-mortem report, the 12 bullet marks revealed that Ranbir was fired at close range.

Ranbir was riding a motorcycle with his two friends when the police stopped him at a check post.

Police alleged that the three men got into an altercation with a sub-inspector who had asked them to stop and then fled into a nearby forest after snatching his service revolver.

In the ensuing encounter, Ranbir was gunned down while the other two managed to escape.

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