Maya Organises Exorbitant Anniversary Function, Opposition Snubs

On 25th anniversary of BSP, party supremo Mayawati has organized a grand, costly function and is facing flak for it, said media reports.

Today, the issue of exorbitant function generated much heat in Parliament with Opposition even insisting that the Centre take action against the UP chief minister, report said.

An unfazed Mayawati, however, made her ground entrance in a helicopter and held Opposition, in particular Congress, responsible for ignoring the contributions made by Dalit leaders.

“I want to ask the Congress, when they have spent crores and crores on naming memorials on the Gandhi-Nehru family, did they forget about the welfare of the poor,” Mayawati was quoted as saying in her address to the massive rally at Lucknow’s Ramabai Ambedkar ground.

“Money spent by the BSP on memorials is less than even one per cent of the state’s budget. Had they honoured great leaders of the backward communities, the need for the BSP to do it later wouldn’t have risen,” she was quoted as saying.

Lucknow, hosting the function, was painted blue for the occasion, report said.

Reports said that nearly 25 lakh people are participating in the rally and BSP workers were put up in air-conditioned guest houses.

For crowd management, whole of the police force of Lucknow along with Railway police were deployed, said reports.

Besides, more than 50 doctors and ambulance are on stand by for any medical emergency, reports said.

Reports said that over 10 lakh LED lights are being used and a thousand quintals of marigolds and Birds of Paradise have been used to decorate the venue of the rally.

The BSP has also set up stalls where people can buy party merchandise, including framed pictures of Mayawati, Kanshi Ram, BSP goggles and mobile covers.

Opposition parties have claimed that Mayawati government has spent Rs 200 crore on the extravaganza and claim the Chief Minister is misusing the state administration.

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