Maya Gets Another Garland Made of Currency Notes

Defying all criticism, BSP supremo Mayawati has been again gifted garland made of currency notes, estimated at Rs 18 lakh, reported PTI.

The garland, containing bank notes of various denominations, was put around Mayawati’s neck at a meeting of party leaders in spite of sharp criticism and outcry over a similar garland gifted to her during party’s rally in Lucknow on Monday.

“Wherever she goes, she will henceforth be greeted with garland of notes and not with garland of flowers,” state PWD minister Naseemuddin Siddiqui was quoted as saying while talking to reporters after the meeting.

On Tueday, Siddiqui had dismissed speculation that value of notes in Monday’s garland was in crores of rupees, saying that currency notes worth Rs 21 lakh were used to make it.

“We today presented another garland of Rs 18 lakh to the party supremo (Mayawati) collected by party units in all 18 divisions in the state,” Siddiqui, also the BSP national general secretary, was quoted as saying.

“In future, wherever her programmes are held, we will welcome her with currency notes, but the final decision rests with the party supremo,” he was quoted as saying.

Siddiqui charged that opposition parties tried to thwart the party’s Lucknow rally organized on the occasion of the party’s silver jubilee, said report.

“When they (opposition) were left with no other issue, they then unnecessarily raked up the garland issue,” he was quoted as alleging.

“The opposition’s cheap attempt has resulted in resentment among party workers,” he was quoted as saying.

He said that party workers from all over the divisions in the state had decided to present another garland to Mayawati to give a reply to the opposition, said report.

Siddiqui said that workers had expressed their wish to collect money and give it to the BSP supremo in the form of a garland as a contribution towards the party funds, report said.

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