Maoists Kidnap, Release Cop Unharmed

A junior police official kidnapped by Maoists at gunpoint near a forest in West Midnapore has been released without being inflicted with any harm.

Deepak Pramanik, assistant sub-inspector, was abducted by rebels from Pidrakhali jungle yesterday when he was ferrying water in a lorry for camps of the state armed police forces and CRPF personnel at Bhimpur, some 5 km away from Midnapore.

According to police, Pramanik was well treated by rebels and was released for he was unarmed.

“They let me go when they found that I was unarmed and told me that they had no quarrel with lower-level police,” Pramanik said.

He said the Maoists allowed him to call up his home from his mobile phone at 11:15 last night and was promised that he would be released in the morning.

The Maoists escorted him the Dherua bus stand in the morning.

The driver of the lorry, which was torched, and helper were allowed to go yesterday, the sources said.

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