Manmohan Had Pak Confess Hand in 26/11

Rejecting BJP’s repeated charge that PM Manmohan Singh is a weak Prime Minister, AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi has said that it is the same PM who had Pakistan own up the Pakistani nationality of the terrorists involved in Mumbai terror attack.

“It is the same Prime Minister who compelled Pakistan to openly confess categorically that the perpetrators of the terrorists act in Mumbai last year belonged to Pakistan,” said Rahul Gandhi.

While campaigning in Sirsa parliamentary constituency in favour of Ashok Tanwar, he said that Singh’s diplomatic strategy was strong enough to expose before the world Pakistan’s harbouring and outsourcing terrorism and being a potent danger to the world.

Lambasting at BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate L K Advani, Gandhi said that only during his tenure the Kandahar episode happened and dreaded terrorists were released.

“During the tenure of so-called mighty and powerful L K Advani as Deputy Prime Minister in the NDA government, the country faced unprecedented humiliation when his foreign minister Jaswant Singh himself escorted the most dreaded terrorists to release them in a foreign land,” he said.

Condemning the BJP for blaming Congress on increasing terrorism, Gandhi said that it was during the NDA regime that the parliament, Akshardham and Red Fort were targeted by terrorists.

He said his party is committed to “ensuring progress and development of all sections of society, including the poor, down-trodden, farmers and toiling masses without discriminating on the grounds of caste, creed or religion”.

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