Mahatma Gandhi Ashes Immersed in Indian Ocean

Sixty two years after his assassination, ashes of the apostle of peace – Mahatma Gandhi, which were preserved by a family friend, have eventually been immersed in the Indian Ocean off the South African coast today, reported PTI.

“It was a beautiful ceremony attended by more than 200 people,” Ela Gandhi, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, who led the sacred ritual, was quoted as saying.

She said that the Indian Ocean was selected for the solemn even, for it is which connects the two countries on which Mahatma Gandhi had a great influence, said report.

Ela also noted that the day chosen for the purpose happens to be January 30, which marks Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary, said report.

Following Gandh’s assassination in 1948, his ashes were distributed among family, friends and followers and handed over to his granddaughter by a family friend in whose custody they had been since they were brought to South Africa after cremation.

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