Left Fumes Over Suspected US Interference in Indian Politics

Following US envoy’s meeting with some prominent Indian leaders including LK Advani, interpreted by some largely as an attempt to meddle formation of new government at the centre, the CPI-M has asked the US to stay away from Indian politics saying that any American interference is “just not acceptable”.

In his strong statement, politburo member Sityram Yechury, while alleging that the US is interfering in the internal politics of India, said that that such a thing is not acceptable at all.

The CPI-M’s aforementioned fear emanates from  the meeting between US Charge d’Affaires (head of mission) A Peter Burleigh and BJP’s prime ministerial candidate LK Advani yesterday. Burleigh had also met TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and TRS chief Chiranjeevi.

A section of media opined that the US official’s with Naidu was perhaps to persuade him not to back a Third Front government, in which the Left will have considerable influence. After all, there is no clear explanation why the US official would want to meet the TDP and TRS chiefs given that they are not in power.

On other hand, the US Embassy has denied any reports of interfering in Indian politics saying they were routine courtesy calls to leaders of political parties.

With regards to the Advani-Burleigh meet, the US clarified that the Charge d’Affaires only discussed India-US relations with the BJP leader and has nothing to do with the elections.

With the Left fiercely opposed to the India-US nuclear deal and a larger strategic relationship between the two countries, there is concern in Washington about the Communists wielding influence in the next government.

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