Law & Order Crisis would Follow Move to Demolish Memorials: Maya

Caught in a squeeze over the construction of Dalit memorials at huge costs to the public, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Thursday warned political opponents that any attempts to demolish the memorials would lead to a country-wide law and order crisis.

Addressing a gathering of party workers in Lucknow to mark the foundation laying of the Kanshi Ram Green Garden, at the site of a now demolished government jail.

The fiery leader stressed that the demolition of the prison was necessitated by guidelines of the apex court on overcrowded jails.

Ironically, the Garden is a stone’s throw from the Kanshi Ram Memorial, where construction activity came to an abrupt halt following Supreme Court orders last week.

She said that the government coffers would benefit from the large number of tourists the lush green park, developed in the memory of her mentor – at the jail site, would attract.

Alleging that the Congress and the Samajwadi Party were behind the PILs against the constriction of the memorials, Mayawati warned against any attempts to raze the memorials.

Responding to Mulayam Singh’s threats of bulldozing the memorials when he came to power, Maya roared: “If any move is made to demolish the memorials it would result in the collapse of the law and order machinery through out the country and would require imposing Presidents Rule.”

Her pronouncements met with applause and sloganeering, not normally associated with official government functions, as this one was billed.

She contended that the Congress in its over 50 year rule had ignored Dalit icons and only built memorials in the name of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

In a belligerent mood, the social engineering architect blamed the Congress for using environment as a plank to hurdle the construction of a memorial being built by her government at Noida and questioned as to why similar objections were not made against the erecting of a massive statue of Shivaji in the sea.

She clarified that the BSP was in favour of building a statue in memory of Shivaji, but added that memorials built by her government should not be discriminated against.

Making light of the Congress austerity drive she said the party was indulging in ‘drama’ to ease off the pressure stemming from a spiral in prices.

(Based on Media Reports)

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