Lankan Tamil Backers Burn India, Lanka Flags

In an attempt to burn national flags of India and Sri Lanka, Police have arrested 15 persons belonging to two little acknowledged pro-Sri Lankan Tamils organisations which are perturbed over New Delhi “not doing enough to force Sri Lanka for ceasefire for the cause of Tamils.

According to police, supporters of Tamil National Socialist Party (TNS[) and Tamil Nationalist Liberation Movement (TNLM) accumulated in front of the Shastri Bhavan, which accommodates various Central government offices including the passport office, and attempted to set ablaze flags before they were captured.

Issuing a release, the two organisations grumbled that in the face of repeated requests from Tamil Nadu to press Colombo for a ceasefire, Government of India had not done enough to stop the “killings” of Lankan Tamils.

Also similar incidence took place in Erode when activists belonging to two more pro-Lankan Tamil outfits, Tamil Desiya ViduthalaiIyakkam and Tamildesa Poduvudamai Katchi, began to burn national flags of the two countries.

The activists gathered near Erode railway junction and set the flags on fire but police rushed there immediately and arrested them and recovered partially burnt flags, says police.

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