Kirti Azad Manhandled in DDCA Meeting, Walks Out

Following alleged manhandling by the members of DDCA, former Indian cricketer and executive member of the Delhi board Kirti Azad walked out of board’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The incident came after Ferozeshah Kotla pitch fiasco two days earlier which resulted in cancellation of the last and fifth ODI between India and Sri Lanka. The pitch was prepared by the DDCA.

Azad alleged that the DDCA members behaved rudely in the meeting and even mistreated and manhandled other members who wanted to question the shame that had been inflicted on the nation due to the cancellation of the match.

“I felt strange when a few people (in the DDCA meeting) misbehaved. We are members of DDCA and have every right to question,” he questioned.

Sunil Dev, DDCA Sports Secretary, however, denied allegations put by Azad claiming that the meeting went off peacefully.

“The meeting was peaceful and no incident took place. Resolutions were passed unanimously and everyone was allowed to speak. Nothing at all happened,” Dev said.

In response to a query whether Azad was insulted or manhandled for raising the Kotla pitch issue, Dev said, “Not at all. If any of the members who attended the meeting say that something of this sort happened, I will resign immediately.”

“The AGM went off well, our accounts were passed. Eight Directors were elected and it all happened peacefully,” he insisted.

“Kotla discussion was raised by some members and their questions were answered by our President. If there was a mistake, we will mend it,” he added.

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