Kingfisher Pilots Run away after Plane Skids off Runway

Pilots of the Kingfisher aircraft that skidded off the runway in Mumbai took to heels leaving the plane engine running and were even caught on camera, said media reports.

The plane, on which 42 passengers were aboard, was fast and came down vertically almost nose down on the runway.

According to reports, the plane had landed much earlier the touchdown point. Besides, both propeller engines of the airbus were running at full speed even after it had halted.

Usually, after halt plane’s engines gradually slow down before shutting but it did not happen in this case.

Following landing, left engine scrapped the ground and propeller blades broke. Though fire and ground safety reached the aircraft in a minute, rescue could not be started immediately for engines were on at full blast.

The ATC meanwhile was constantly asking if pilots could hear them because they wanted engines to shut down. But ATC got no response from cockpit for five minutes.

Meanwhile, since left propeller engine had slowed down since it had scrapped the ground, the right was on. To shut the right engine, the rescue crew sprayed foam on it.

The pilots came out from the top hatch of the cockpit even before safety crew had reached the spot and while the engine was till running. A kingfisher van took the pilots away.

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