Kashmiri Woman Kills Lashkar Commander

In a rare incidence of courage, a 20-year-old Kashmiri woman axed to death a Lashkar-e-Toiba commander, and then along with her 18-year-old brother, snatched guns and opened fire on two other terrorists, injuring one and forcing other to flee.

Rukhsana, who never even held a gun before, axed to death Lashkar commander Abu Usama when he, with other militants, barged into her home in the dead of night, beat her parents senseless and turned on her. The incident took place on Sunday night.

Later, along with her brother, snatched the gun of one of them and shot him injuring him and forcing other to run away.

Recalling the terror that unfolded on Sunday in her home in Rajouri, Rukhsana said that the terrorists accused her father of being an informer and rained blows on him and her mother.

“When I saw my parents lying unconscious, I thought they’d died. A divine force gave me the courage to pull down the terrorist by his hair, hit him with the axe and snatch his rifle.”

The police were tightlipped about the motive of the militants but said that Rukhsana would be rewarded for her courage.

Rukhsana’s story is a sign of the changing times – militants once sheltered by locals are now losing support. A year ago, a woman in Bhaderwah, 200 km northeast of Jammu, helped the police arrest the militants who had raped her.

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