Kasab’s Lawyer Complains of Lack of Privacy

Defece Counsel Abbas Kazmi, who is defending the Mumbai terror attacks accused Amir Ajmal Kasab, has complained about the lack of privacy during discussions with his client.

“The judge has permitted interviews for short duration of 10-15 minutes but it has to be conducted in the court itself and that too within the earshot of policemen and the court staff,” his counsel Abbas Kazmi said in an interview.

In response to a query as to how Kasab came across during his discussions with him, Kazmi said, “We talk only about the case and its legal aspects. He has never opened up or conveyed his feelings.”

Responding to another question about Kasab’s mood swings, he said that those were expressions of frustration and boredom.

“I gave him some story books in Urdu. He finished reading them but never sought more,” he said.

He also claimed that there was no evidence to show that Kasab was a habitual criminal.

“He is like any other accused who is presumed to be innocent unless proved guilty,” Kazmi said.

Asked about his strategy for defending Kasab, he said, “I will not open up my cards now. You will know when arguments begin.”

Kazmi rued that he was not allowed to carry his mobile phone to the court. “I sit there all through the day as the trial goes on day-to-day. Without a cell phone, I am unable to keep in touch with my clients and my practice has suffered.”

He is also unhappy about being denied permission to carry a laptop to the court.

“I cannot carry the bulky 13,500-page chargesheet every day to the court and hence need a laptop to refer to the documents. When the witnesses step into the box there is no material with me readily available to cross examine them,” Kasab’s counsel said.

He also said when the trial commenced in May, he had requested for four weeks’ time to study the chargesheet but the court allowed him only a few days and even that little time was spent on holding inquiry to determine whether Kasab was a juvenile or a minor.

“So I virtually proceeded with the trial without properly studying the chargesheet,” the defence lawyer said.

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