JetLite Aircraft Tail Damaged during Takeoff; All 139 Passengers Safe

As many as 139 passengers, on board a JetLite aircraft, had a narrow escape when the plane suffered damage to its tail while taking off from Mumbai but landed safely at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose airport in Kolkata.

The airline described the incidence as “tail scrape” saying nobody was injured. In a statement, JetLite claimed that “at no time was the safety of the passengers and crew compromised” in the incident.

Reports said citing sources that the tail of the Kolkata-bound Boeing 737 was damaged while taking off from Mumbai airport but the plane made safe landing with 135 passengers and four crew members on board.

According to report, pilot realized that the tail of the aircraft was damaged during take-off but flew it to Kolkata safely, where the plane was towed to a separate bay for repairs.

The aircraft would return to service after inspection, said JetLite in a statement.

“Whilst this is not a normal procedure, the occurrence is not uncommon in the industry. The manufacturers have a procedure to deal with this event, which occurs when the extendable tails strut touches the runway during rotation,” the airline said.

JetLite operated several flights today to carry passengers of its parent company, Jet Airways, whose operations have been severely affected due to the pilots’ stir since Tuesday.

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