Jaswant Cannot Be Trusted, Says BJP

The BJP has shown a sharp reaction to the interview of expelled party leader Jaswant Singh in which he said that he, to protect LK Advani, had withheld the truth that Advani knew of whole Kandhar dealing, including his escorting the three terrorists to seek release of hijacked plane and passengers

Reacting to remarks, BJP general secretary Venkaiah Naidu questioned how anyone could believe what Jaswant is saying now on the issue, when he has himself admitted he did not tell the whole truth earlier.

It may be mentioned that yesterday in an interview to Barkha Dutt, Jaswant Singh had said that Advani was present at the Cabinet meeting where it was decided that Jaswant Singh would accompany the three terrorists to Kandahar.

Training guns at Advani, Jaswant said that he too could ask him: Why IC 814 was allowed to leave Amritsar.

In another interview to Shekhar Gupta of same channel, Jaswant shed light on 2002 riots case and said that that former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was so upset over the that he had even contemplated resigning.

Singh also said that Vajpayee had even wanted to take action against chief minister Narendra Modi, but was stopped by LK Advani.

Venkaiah Naidu denied this allegation as well. He said while Vajpayee was indeed very disturbed at the time, he certainly did not contemplate quitting.

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