Jaswant’s Book on Way to Be Bestseller

Expelled BJP leader Jaswant Singh’s book ‘Jinnah: India-Partion Independence’ is on its way to be a bestseller in India due to all the political controversies that it has erupted this past week.

People believe that the sales of the book are good because of the Jinnah controversy but it got a real boost only after Jaswant Singh’s expulsion from the BJP.

Some also opine that Jawant Singh, the author, has benefited at the cost of Jaswant Singh, the politician. However, the BJP is ironically steering clear of the debate on the book as it is getting popular.

According to information, the hardcover version of the book has already gone into its eighth print and it is estimated the book will sell around 40,000 copies by the end of this first week.

Also, there are demand orders from UK and US NRIs, particularly from Gujarati community, confirmed Rupa and Co, the publisher.

It is learnt that Gujaratis all over the world – due to ban on the book in Gujarat because of Chief Minister Narendra Modi – are now getting more curious about the book, all the way from Ahmedabad to London.

Across the border, it has already sold over 1,000 copies due to the fact that it’s been written by someone belonging to saffron party.

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