It Will be Tough to Fail in CBSE Class IX, X Exams

With CBSE introducing some innovative measures in examination system, students in a CBSE school will no longer fail muster in classes ninth or tenth.

The CBSE is going to alter several evaluation methods and will allow students who don’t clear classes ninth and tenth three more attempts to make the grade. Moreover, even if they fail, the board is considering taking into account their performance in extracurricular activities and sports.

As for alteration in evaluation method, a child who fairs poorly in written exams will be tested orally, or via projects, to see if he has successfully understood the concepts.

In addition, the CBSE board, which is in the process of making board exams optional and replacing them with a system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation in classes IX and X, now wants schools to show students their answer sheets over the two years and take into account students’ feedback before the final grade is given.

Now the board will set the Class ninth and ten term papers so that the level of question paper remains the same across the country. Those who are gifted at say, biology, or math, can opt for a proficiency test in the subject, which will have questions at the level of a science Olympiad.

The Measures
a)    CBSE board will set first and second term papers for classes IX and X, in a bid to standardise exam papers across India

b)    Students will be given corrected answer papers. They can provide suggestions (like answers not corrected) and final grade will be given only after incorporating feedback

c)    Students will also be graded on extracurricular activities, sports, physical fitness, attitudes and life skills
d)    There will be a single report card for Classes IX and X, in which students will have to list goals, strengths, hobbies and interests, sports played and exceptional achievements

e)    Students who are exceptionally good at a particular subject can opt for a proficiency test in that subject

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