It’s Unfair to ‘Base Everything’ on Kasab’s Statements: Saeed

Refusing to give much credence to the confessions made by Amir Ajmal Kasab in 26/11 trial, Mumbai attacks mastermind of chief of outlawed JuD Hafiz Saeed has said that it is not fair to ‘base everything’ on statements made by him in custody, said media reports.

Saeed, who moves around Lahore as a free man, reportedly guarded by two policemen, denies any responsibility for the Mumbai attacks and blames ‘Indian propaganda’ for the charges against him.

Talking to London-based newspaper The Independent, he was quoted as saying, “He (Kasab) has been giving different stories… In court, he gave this statement. He has been saying so many things we do not know. Do you think that it is fair that you base everything on this man who is in custody?”

Responding to a query regarding India’s charge of his involvement in Mumbai terror attacks, he was quoted as saying, in raised voice, “We are Pakistanis and our organisations work under the law of Pakistan. Even though we try to abide by Pakistani law, there have been such serious allegations that I was put under arrest. A lot of people who live round my house were arrested.

“My movements were restricted. My freedom of speech was restricted. All these limits have been put on me because of the pressure of foreign governments. It isn’t important that I happen to be a Pakistani citizen. I did not violate any Pakistani law. I am restricted only because India wants me to be restricted.”

He said that a group called ‘Deccan Mujahideen’ had claimed responsibility for the Mumbai attacks, saying, “But within no time, India blamed Lashkar-e-Taiba and India did not even pay attention to the claim from the Deccan Mujahideen.

This ‘proof’ was not accepted by the (Pakistani) court. They found there was no evidence for the claims against us… Soon after the Mumbai attacks, we called a press conference. We said we were not involved. We condemned this.”

Revealing his perspective on the situation in south Asia, he was quoted as saying: “In order to understand, you have to realise the precise situation between India and Pakistan. There is a deep conflict. India has been trying to support the separatists in Balochistan. There are so many insurgencies going on in India itself, dividing and separating the country. Kashmir has been fighting for freedom.”

Denying any connection to Lashkar-e- Taiba,  he said that his charity had hundreds of offices across Pakistan.

He laughed and asked: “They make me out to be the biggest and most evil terrorist. Do I look like one to you?”

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