Interpol Sounds Global Alert for 26/11 Suspects

On a written request of Pakistan, Interpol has issued a global alert for 13 suspects wanted for the last year’s Mumbai terror attacks which claimed 183 lives.

A statement released by the international police agency said that Islamabad issued a written request, saying that 13 suspects were wanted by police authorities in Pakistan in connection with ongoing investigation into the Mumbai terror attacks.

Suspects were not identified in the statement, but the names of fugitives appeared in it, along with their other data which has been sent to 186 member country.

While issuing alert, member countries have been requested to assist in locating the fugitives and to instantly notify National Central Bureau (NCB) at Islamabad or Interpol’s General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon in France with any investigative leads.

After they are located, the Pakistani authorities will issue arrest warrants and seek their extradition, the statement said, indicating that most of the suspects for whom the lookout notice had been issued were apparently not in Pakistan.

Elaborating on the alert, Interpol Secretary-General Ronald K Noble said, “the investigation into the Mumbai terror attacks highlighted the vital role played by the world police body’s international organs in supporting its member countries against terrorism by circulating information worldwide to ensure the location and eventual arrest of suspected terrorists.”

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