Induwar’s Wife, Son Forgive his Killers

Showing a rare humanity, great generosity, and deep compassion, the family, bereft of its head, that too, in the most inhuman way, says that it will condone those who abducted and beheaded Francis Induwar.

Three days after her husband’s decapitated body was found on the Ranchi-Jamshedpur highway, Sunita, while pardoning the culprits, said that her husband’s killers would take a lesson from her forgiveness and return to the mainstream life.

“Those who made me a widow and orphaned my children should take a lesson from my forgiveness and not resort to such killings in future. They are misguided people who have lost their way and they should join mainstream society,” she said.

Three days earlier, Sunita had come down heavily on the administration for not doing enough to save her husband. Now she says she has no bitterness and would want them to avoid violence.

“I have lost my husband. I do not want any others to face a fate like me. May god forgive those who killed my husband,” she told TV channels.

Similarly spoke Induwar’s son, who on the day of his father’s funeral pledged to take revenge by killing the murderers.

“I have forgiven them and want to be a priest or a police officer,” said the son of the cop, coming to terms with the tragedy that has changed the whole family’s life for a lifetime.

The mutilated body of Francis Induwar, an inspector in the intelligence department of the Jharkhand police’s Special Branch, was found on Tuesday, six days after he had been kidnapped by Maoist guerrillas. The killing shocked the nation with the Taliban style brutality with which it was executed.

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