Indian Students for Pro-active Approach, Asks Professionals to Help Community

The Federation of Indian Student Association (FISA) has appealed Indian students in Australia to be more proactive and asked established Indian professionals to adopt neighbourhood police stations for better watchfulness against hate crimes.

“Local established Indian groups could adopt a station to provide community or neighbourhood watch committees,” FISA said in a statement.

It said that if middle class and educated people are at stations at night then the risk of attacks will be reduced, for police are more likely to listen to wealthy professional Indians than students.

The statement said that these safety watch committees, besides reporting back to police, can work to reduce poor lighting and other hazards at stations in the poorer neighbourhoods.

Also, FISA has suggested that Indian community should come forward to fight the menace and provide new Indian students at least two weeks free lodging to help him adjust to new country.

The student federation today presented a 10-point action plan to support vulnerable newcomers in the country.

“If the established Indian community adopts the plan, it will send a strong message to the Australian government. It will ask them to take action. It will also show what we are doing to help ourselves,” Tim Singh, a Councillor in Victoria, said in a statement issued by FISA.

The federation also called on Indian doctors and lawyers to provide free services to students.

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