India to Release Detained UAE Air Force Plane

India will soon release the explosive-laden UAE Air Force Hercules C-130 military transport aircraft, currently held at the Kolkata airport, after UAE ‘formally regretted’ the failure to declare the strategic cargo the plane carried.

The aircraft, bound for Xianyang, China, was detained, along with its 10 member crew, by Indian authorities on Sunday after it landed in Kolkata to refuel, but failed to mention its cargo consisting of arms and ammo in the initial application.

“The UAE authorities both here and in Abu Dhabi have since formally regretted the omission in clearly indicating items carried by the aircraft and have described it as a ‘technical error’,” the Ministry of Eternal Affairs said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

“In the light of the above, the matter will be resolved in the spirit of the close and friendly ties between India and the UAE, and we will facilitate early release of the aircraft,” it added.

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