India Successfully Tests N-capable Agni-I

A day after the successful launch of two other short range missiles, India successfully tested the nuclear-capable, 700-km range ballistic missile Agni-I from Wheeler Island off the Orissa coast on Sunday, said media reports.

“It was a fantastic mission carried out by the Indian Army. The test-firing of the Agni-I missile met all parameters,” SP Dash – director of Integrated Test Range – was quoted as saying.

Fired from a rail mobile launcher, the surface-to-surface, single-stage missile, powered by solid fuel, was tested at around 1305 hours.

India had successfully test-fired two nuclear-capable short-range ballistic missiles Prithvi-II and Dhanush in quick succession from different locations off the Orissa coast on Saturday.

The 295 km range Dhanush – a naval variant of the Prithvi – was test-fired from INS Subhadra, about 50 nautical miles from Puri, while the 350 km range Prithvi-II was test-fired from a mobile launcher from the ITR.

Pic: Prithvi-II Test Launch on Saturday (Source: Internet)

Based on Media Reports

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