India should take a lead in defeating terrorism: Narendra Modi

AHMEDABAD: On Monday the Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi said India should take a lead in defeating terrorism emanating from Pakistan by forming a global front of all “humanitarian forces”.

Modi stated, “Pakistan has become a hub of global terrorism. Presence of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden there is a further proof that Pakistan was protecting terrorists.”

Killing of Laden on Pakistani soil proved the country is home to ban terrorist outfits, said Modi.

“It is time that Indian government bring together all humanitarian forces of the world to form a group against Pakistan to defeat terrorism,” he added.

He also took a dig at the US president and said, “It is unfortunate that US President Barack Obama who announced the killing of Osama, did not utter a single word against Pakistan which is protecting terrorist groups.”

The Gujarat CM also said India should exert pressure on the US to ensure it does not show any leniency towards Pakistan.

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