India Seeks ‘Credible Answers’ to Attacks on Indians in Australia

Worried over a spate of attacks on its nationals, India has sought ‘credible answers’ from Australia so that it could give a clear message to bothered parents of over 120,000 Indian students in Australia, reported PTI.

“It is important to understand that there is anger and frustration in India over what is happening (in Australia),” Indian High Commissioner Sujatha Singh said in an article published in the Age newspaper in Melbourne.

Singh said that the worried parents of more than 120,000 Indians students in Australia want a clear answer to certain queries as ‘are our children safe in Autralia?’, ‘why does it seem that only, or mainly, Indians are the victims?’, ‘are the assailants being caught?’, ‘are they being punished?’, ‘is the situation becoming better or worse?’, and so on.

“I cannot overstate the importance of keeping the human element in the forefront in providing credible answers to these questions and sending a clear message to parents far away in India, worrying about their children in Australia,” she wrote.

Singh is shortly to visit India to brief the government over the steps taken by Australia to address its concerns.

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