India Second Worst Terror Hit Country in 2008: Reports

Quoting a recent US report, Mumbai-based NGO “Bombay First” has revealed that India is the second-worst terrorism afflicted country, following only Iraq, which saw eight terror attacks in 2008 alone and lost more than 3,500 lives in the last few years.

“According to the report, terror attacks in India have increased in the past few years and claimed 3,674 lives, which is second to that of Iraq,” NGO Chairman Narinder Nayar said at a security summit on Friday organised at Hotel Trident, one of the sites of the last November’s assault.

The NGO is concerned with a mission to turn the metropolis, which saw some deadly terror strikes, a better and safer place to live.

According to Nayar, India, which has been facing terrorism for three decades now, has been attacked from outside and within.

In the summit, global security experts, including those from the US and the UK, discussed various aspects of terrorism and sharing their experiences.

“The 26/11 terror attacks, as the Indian Prime Minister said, was an attack on the aspirations and dreams of making Mumbai a global city,” Nayar said.

He stressed the need to modernise the police and review the criminal judicial system.

Besides Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and New Delhi were also among terror targets last year.

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