India Rules Talks with Pak Army, ISI in Composite Dialogue

Union External Affairs Ministry has completely ruled out talks with Pakistani Army and ISI, stating that it was open to a process of limited dialogue with Pakistani government. At the same time, it has reaffirmed that for the resumption of a composite dialogue it was important that Pakistan relinquishes terror.

Media reports state that India does not expect much from Pakistan as far as eradication of terrorism is concerned, clearly portraying that it continues to distrust its neighbour.

Yesterday, reports suggested that Pakistan’s Army and the ISI believe they can play a role in Indo-Pak talks because they were intrinsically linked to policy-making in Pakistan.

The statement issued by the ministry said that there was a possibility only of limited talks with Pakistan but not comprehensive, as reported earlier.

Journalists had been told that talks with India would be more meaningful if New Delhi was in “direct contact” with the ISI and the Army as they were the real “power centres” in Pakistan.

Also any speculation of India having received the dossier on Balochistan from Pakistan was categorically denied, as per high level sources. Pakistan’s leading daily The Dawn had said in a report that the dossier was handed over to India in Egypt where the premiers of both the nations had met on the sidelines of the NAM Summit.

The report coming soon before the foreign ministers of the two nations are to meet in September does not seem to be setting the right tone for the discussions.

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