India Protests against Stamped Visas to Kashmiris Travellers by China

In what could be termed as questioning state of Jammu and Kashmiri as part of India, the Chinese embassy has recently issued stamped visas to some Kashmiris on a separate sheet of paper and not on their passports, thus provoking India to register a protest.

It may be mentioned that China recetnly started the practice of issuing stamped visas on separate paper sheets and not on passports in the case of those belonging to Arunachal Pradesh, which, according to Beijing, is a disputed territory.

Thus, the pursuance of the same practice with regard to Kashmiri travelers is being construed as an attempt by China to question state of Jammu and Kashmir as part of India.

“It is our considered view and position that there should be no discrimination against visa applicants of Indian nationality on the grounds of domicile for ethnicity. We have conveyed our well justified concern to the Chinese government in this regard,” MEA spokesman Vishnu Prakash said.

Official sources said that the issue was raised yesterday with the Chinese embassy.

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