India Lost 410 Billion Dollar Trade with Pak following 26/11: Report

In the wake of last years Mumbai terror attacks, India has suffered a huge loss of nearly 410 million dollars in its exports to Pakistan because of the escalated tension between the two countries, reveals a data.

During the fiscal year 2008-09, the data put it, Pakistan’s imports from India came down to 1.03 billion dollars as against 1.44 billion dollars in 2007-08, a down fall of 410 million dollars.

It states that exports from India to Pakistan had risen to 1.442 billion dollars in 2007-08, the highest in a year since the partition in 1947.

Following Mumbai terror attacks, the strained relationship between the two countries dampened the trade.

According to The News reports, Pakistan imports machinery, vegetables, spare parts, chemicals and raw materials from India, but with war like situation developing after 26/11 the import has virtually stopped or is reduced substantially.

It should mentioned that the Indo-Pak bilateral trade was also affected badly in 2000 when Pakistan based terrorists attacked the Indian Parliament.

However, in 2003-04 both countries normalized their trade and diplomatic relationship as a result of which the mutual trade and business also showed signs of improvement.

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