India Looks up to China in WTO

Despite reports of tension along the Indo-China border, the two countries should move ahead in close cooperation with each other at WTO to guard interest of more than 100 developing countries in the Doha trade negotiations, said sources.

It is after 14 months gap that serious negotiations have resumed at the WTO headquarters last week. Some media reports quoted a highly placed official as saying, “China is a critical player and will hold the balance of power. India needs to align with them.”

It should be noted that so far India, Brazil and South Africa have played a leadership role for developing nations in steering the global trade negotiations, but China maintained a low profile in spite of its growing economic prowess.

“China has not taken any specific position…but the developing countries need to court Beijing for striking a good deal and ensuring a market access for them without opening the floodgates for the rich nations,” he said.

Of late, following spate of media reports about Chinese incursion into Indian territory, the government has asked media to exercise restraint and not play up the issue.

The Indian negotiating team in Geneva, led by Additional Secretary D K Mittal, had a couple of bilateral meetings with the Chinese counterparts to strengthen the alliance of the developing countries against the US and the EU, which are expected to increase pressure for market access in the emerging economies, a source said.

Doha talks in Geneva resumed following meeting of key ministers at New Delhi on September 3-4.

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