India Deal-Maker, Not Deal-Breaker on Climate Change: Ramesh

On the topic of climate change, Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has said that India is a “deal-maker” and not a “deal-breaker”.

Before the United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York, Ramesh said: “Copenhagen is not the destination. It is a part of the process. Today we have five-six areas on which we have broad international consensus. We should clinch a deal on that. We are not going to do any walkouts. We are going to be remain engaged. India has not caused the global warming problem. We have to be part of the solution. Developed countries must make substantial emissions cuts for 2020. We are a deal maker not a deal breaker.”

The minister claimed that India has always attempted to find solution to the climate changes which are taking place and never played a spoil-sport.

He also said that the current crisis on climate change is because developed nations like the US have yet not come out with credible emissions reduction targets for 2020.

Ramesh said that India’s climate plan envisioned voluntary mitigation measures by 2020.

Ramesh and climate change expert Rajendra Pachauri also underlined the need for the US to bring about a “lifestyle change” to combat climate change.

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