India, China Should Show ‘Maturity’ in Handling Differences: Krishna

On China visit, External Affairs Minister SM Krishna has said that both India and China should show ‘maturity’ in tackling their difference, including border dispute, and stop seeing each other as competitors, for strong bilateral ties between the two countries will have global consequences, reported PTI.

Presenting a positive picture of Sino-India relations, the minister said that the bilateral issues were ‘under control’, with two countries having developed a mechanism to find a solution to issues such as boundary demarcation, report said.

“We have to accept that there will be outstanding issues between the two countries even as our relationship forges ahead. This is in the very nature of global politics and we should not get discouraged as a result,” he was quoted as saying in his address at a function in Beijing.

Krishna pointed that India and China, the emerging powers, are usually projected to have a ‘competitive relationship’ but it is dependent on the two nations to carve out their own course, said report.

“In the final analysis, we all are what we want to be. It is upto us to disprove such scenarios, not through platitudes and wishful thinking, but by concrete examples of cooperation,” he was quoted as saying.

He also emphasized that the effective cooperation two neighbours fored on climate negotiations in Copenhagen should be extended to other international issues like fighting terrorism, report said.

“A strong and stable relationship between India and China has consequences for the entire world. Because we are different, our divergences are often exaggerated. If truth be told, there are vested interests at work too”.

“India and China must not just cooperate; they must be seen to be doing so by the rest of the world,” the was quoted as saying pointing out that their cooperation at Copenhagen had decisively sent out a message to the world that “here are two developing economies who are coming together for the purpose of making the world a better place“.

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