India’s Air Power Is Only 1/3rd of China: Air Chief Marshal

At a time when Indian authorities are downplaying Chinese threat, the Air Chief Marshal PV Naik has said in a significant statement that India is no match to China as far as two countries air power is concerned.

“Our present aircraft strength is inadequate. Aircraft strength is one third that of China. The Government of India is doing a lot to augment Air Force capability,” Naik said.

It should be noted that last month, even former Navy chief Suresh Mehta had also claimed that India is no match to China as far as military strength is concerned.

However, he downplayed the Chinese threat amid reported infringement of the Indian airspace and territory by Chinese troops.

Laying stress on building up weapon capability to foil any such attempt, Naik said, “There are two ways to look at Chinese incursions. One way is to take up weapons and go to the border. Other way is to build systematic weapons capability to tackle the threat.”

The IAF chief also stressed that there was no imminent threat from the Dragon.

Naik also refuted reported violation of airspace along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) by the Chinese.

“As far as Air Force is concerned there are no Chinese incursions,” he said.

Adding that the strategy being adopted by the IAF was to ‘play it cool’ for now.

The IAF Chief’s remarks came a day after China’s Ambassador to India, Zhang Yan met Home Secretary GK Pillai and tried to clarify the picture over the reported border incursions.

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